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Leave The World Behind. Here Are Some Stories To Get Lost In.

Adrift produces stories both original and in partnership with organisations and creators around the world. Here are a few of them.


Pathfinder is a show about storytelling. Each week we explore what makes stories work, uncover the lessons of the past and learn from people who are building worlds with the tools of the future.

You can subscribe to Pathfinder at Pathfinder.Show

Now, Near and Next

A show for Method Inc by Adrift. Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again. Now, Near and Next is dedicated to exploring the social, technological, environmental and economic forces driving the bewildering pace of change.

You can subscribe to Now, Near and Next from Method

Coming Soon

Nightfall - 2020

An Adrift original. A series of bedtime stories for grown ups bringing the worlds of history and fiction together to understand the civilisations and the myths they created from the past.

Designing Momentum -2020

A partner series. Designing Momentum investigates what happens when you look outside of your day to day for how to create real change. The first season dives into the world of sport for lessons in decision making, inclusion and resilience.

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