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Pathfinder - A Podcast About Storytelling

by Adrift

When we started Adrift, it was because we wanted to tell stories that weren't being told elsewhere in new ways. Every project we start, it always starts with one question. What's the story?

Over the last few years the ability to tell stories has constantly changed, it's easy to forget that underneath all of the new tools and networks is a practice that's been honed over thousand of years. Storytelling is the core of how we communicate and learn. So we decided to make a show of our own where we could pull back the curtain on where we find inspiration when we build our stories.

Pathfinder is a show about the craft of storytelling. Each week we uncover what makes up the core elements of storytelling, how the tools of the future are being used to create worlds beyond current comprehension and what it takes to be a storyteller.

This podcast is a chance for us to stretch our legs. Rodger scores each episode to fit it's theme and Ollie digs deep to find what makes each story we tell so special.

You can subscribe to Pathfinder on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you find podcasts. Below you'll find some of our favourite episodes.

The Monsters In Everyone's Closet

For Pathfinder's first multi-part series we confronted the darkness in the world of storytelling for a month's worth of episodes on monsters. In this episode with the help of Professor Stephen Asma, author of the book On Monsters. We trace why monsters are so important to us a species and why there might be more to the beast hiding in your closet.

This Is Just An Unachievable Dream

Colin Levy is a filmmaker that has done more in his career than many have in their lifetime. At the core of this story Colin has a decision to make. Does he quit his role at Pixar to pursue his dream of making his own movie? Find out in this rollercoaster of an adventure through animation and sci-fi.

The Digital Getaway

Sometimes storytelling comes in forms you would never expect. In this episode we take a look at how sometimes the absence of storytelling can create space for other stories. Immersing ourselves in the world and community of Animal Crossing, we look at how creating an atmosphere of comfort can let your audience create their own worlds.

Pathfinder is a podcast about storytelling. It goes live every Wednesday wherever you find podcasts. We hope you enjoy it!

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